The Tarahumara

What is the Goal?
Faith Bible Church's mission field is a specific neighborhood on the southern tip of Chihuahua called Colonia Tarahumara Sur. We are praying for an indigenously led church to be planted to be the salt and light of Christ to their own people as we partner with Lightshine.
2024 Colonia Tarahumara Sur Lightshine Giving
(updated 3/1/24)
  • $38,693 remaining of $50,000
2024 Joshua Program Giving 
(updated 3/1/24)
  • $47,000 remaining of $47,000

Who are the Tarahumara?
The Tarahumara people are one of the largest indigenous tribes in North America. For centuries, they have lived isolated in the remote Sierra Madres of Northern Mexico. Recently, they have begun to migrate out of the mountains and settle in the city of Chihuahua. Being shunned by the Mexican communities, they live in slums (called "colonias") throughout the city. The Tarahumara are less than 2% Christian.

Who is Lightshine Ministries? 
As the Tarahumara began to gather in Chihuahua, this created an open door for the gospel. For the first time in the history of their people, they were living in community and also living in an easily accessible area. In 2007, Lightshine Ministries saw the open door the Lord had provided and began serving the Tarahumaras as well as sharing the living hope of Christ with them. Hundreds have trusted in Christ and a couple of churches have been birthed in these colonias. You can read more about Lightshine Ministries here.


It will take an act of God for people in Colonia Tarahumara Sur to turn to Christ. We must ask God to do this. Prayer is our most fruitful ministry activity.

Spring 2024 Prayer Requests:
  • That the new sponsorship opportunities will be filled
  • For the upcoming missions teams preparing for this summer (youth in May, Medical in June)
  • For the VBS missions emphasis/efforts


We will fund Lightshine Ministry expenses for their efforts in this community. They have selected seven full time staff (most of whom are Tarahumara) who are mature believers and trained in ministry through Lightshine.

The primary in-road for relationships and service to Colonia Tarahumara Sur is through an after school kids program (ages K-8). This allows evangelism and discipleship with the children, while also opening doors to the families in the Tarahumara community. About half of the funding for this ministry will come through the form of Child Sponsorships. Faith Bible Church will sponsor about 60 kids.

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We will take mission trips to minister to Colonia Tarahumara Sur in various ways. To learn more about future trips, fill out the form below. For those who sponsor a child, you'll be expected to communicate with them (via Lightshine), pray for them, and visit them on a mission trip, if possible.

Watch the Information Meeting video for details about sponsorship and mission trips.

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