"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Proverbs 27:17

When visiting an “ABF”, you can expect to hear biblical teaching, see Christ-centered community, and experience ABF members caring for one another. You'll be able to meet and get to know a wide variety of people in a hospitable environment and fun atmosphere. We seek to create opportunities for deep connection and authentic relationships with others because of our belief is that building genuine, Christ-centered community is one of the key factors in the sanctification of all believers. ABFs are encouraged to spend time together outside of the church’s walls, and many groups share meals together on a regular basis, serve the church and the world together, and focus on pursuing Christ with each other both within the church and in their homes. We encourage all who attend Faith Bible Church to get connected in one of our Adult Bible Fellowships.

To get involved in an Adult Bible Fellowship, we invite you to come by the Welcome Center to get more information on the various ABFs in the church. There is a wide variety on Sunday mornings at 8:15am,  9:30am, 11:00am, and “Off Campus ABFs” (see below for times) and groups range in size from 15 to 75 people. Each Sunday morning ABF meets in rooms within Faith Bible Church and a few meet in homes near the campus on Sunday evenings. Some ABFs are multi-generational, while others are focused on a certain stage of life.

If you have any questions about our Adult Bible Fellowships please contact Seth Brown, Pastor of Adult Connections, at 340-1000 or

Sunday at 8:15am



Room: E7
Leaders: Tom and Dana Beard

Comprised primarily of empty nesters and couples with grown children, the studies in this ABF are balanced between topical and biblical and are taught by utilizing both lecture and discussion.


Room: Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Burge and Darlene Troxel

This ABF features lecture-style teaching of a book of the Bible with topical studies mixed in. It is mainly composed of Seniors of Faith with both couples and singles in attendance each week.

Kindred Spirits

Room: W4
Leaders: Bruce and Jane Neidenfeuhr

This ABF is comprised of couples and singles with older children. Studies in Kindred Spirits are balanced between topical and biblical utilizing both lecture and discussion and an emphasis is place on community and fellowship.

Sunday Off-Campus

Young Adults

Time/Location: 12:15pm in the Youth Area
Leaders: Seth and Teresa Brown

For young adults and students, this ABF studies the Bible through interactive discussions and spends consistent time together outside of the church.

Contact Seth Brown at 405-639-8896 for location information.


Time/Location: 5:30pm at the Goggin's Home
Leaders: Paul and Kathie Goggin

This inter-generational ABF gathers to focus on studying the Bible, fellowship, and prayer for the purpose of building Christ-Centered community.

Contact Paul Goggin at 405-285-1112 for details on meeting time/ location.


Time/Location: 5:15pm at the Smith's Home
Leaders: Jason and Julie Smith,  Mark and Rachel DeMann

This ABF provides an opportunity for young couples to live in community, being rooted in God’s unchanging Word and refueled to live on mission. They meet in the Smith’s home in the Kingston edition and childcare is provided at Faith Bible from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Sunday at 9:30am



Room: E1
Leaders: Scott and Amy Sargeant

Tailored to adults 30-50 with kids, this ABF faithfully studies and discusses marriage, parenting, and ways to walk in faith and grow as Christians through authentic and lasting friendships.

Joint Heirs

Room: E2
Leaders: Wayne Foote

This is a lecture-oriented ABF that systematically moves through a book or section of the Bible. It is made up primarily of empty nesters and couples with older children.


Room: E3
Leaders: Matt and Angie Myers, Jay and Jamie Yowell, Jerry and Becky Burns

This multi-generational ABF desires to learn about living life together through the teaching of God’s Word and its application, along with fellowship, community, and fun through deep connection and support.


Room: E5
Leaders: Seth and Brooke Bullard, 

Kyle and Krista Brede,  Andy and Amy Brooks

Composed of a wide variety of couples, with young children to grandchildren, this ABF is highly interactive with an emphasis on teaching and discussions through the lens of a biblical worldview focused on the eternal. Through encouraging one another in the Fruit of the Spirit and the attributes of God, strong relationships are forged among members of the group inside and outside of the church.


Room: E6
Leaders: Andrew and Becky Redman, Ben and Jennifer Stone

For married couples with school-aged children, this ABF provides guidance to deepen your walk with Christ and building a godly home. The format is discussion-oriented, and their desire is to develop close relationships in and out of the church.


Room: E7
Leaders: Dustin and Lindsay Anderson, Jon and Blair Hart

Catering to young families, the Cord’s desire is to grow closer to the Lord and each other through tight-knit community in and out of the church through giving members a chance to serve the church and the world with their God-given gifts.

Joshua 24:15

Room: Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Clay and Becky Bullard, Dale and Lisa Harper, Jeff and Lynn Richter

Composed primarily of married couples with school-aged children, this ABF is discussion-oriented through focusing on how the Bible shapes the way we live life and lead our homes.


Room: W2
Leaders: George McGuire

The Bereans is the longest running ABF at Faith Bible, and they cater toward Christians in the later seasons of life. The teaching focus is typically a book of the Bible or an area of theology, and they employ both lecture and discussion.


Room: W3
Leaders: Brian and Annie Crass

This ABF is for couples with young children or those recently married. They desire intentional community through prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. Discussion revolves around understanding how Scripture instructs our everyday lives.

Faith & Family

Room: W4
Leaders: Troop and Karen Bullard

Composed primarily of married couples with school-aged children, the teaching of this ABF focuses on how the Bible informs and shapes the way we lead our homes and families and how we should think biblically about contemporary issues.

Joint Heirs

Room: W5
Leaders: Eric and Lauren Browning

Based on Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens the character  of his friend’’, this ABF strives to be a tight-knit community, both in and out of church, as well as an outlet for missions, service, and biblical teaching.


Room: South Portable
Leaders: Mike and Jennifer Patterson, Doug and Melinda Patterson

This ABF, for families with young children, encourages deep connections through sharing and applying God’s Word in their families. They desire to display the core values of Faith Bible through in the church body, community, and the world.

Van Curen/Schwettmann

Room: North Portable
Leaders: Donnie and Heather Van Curen,  Russ and Amanda Schwettmann

This ABF focuses on glorifying God through community, teaching, outreach, and discipleship. Its areas of emphasis is fellowship, prayer, and serving and is for couples of all ages with no specific demographic.

Sunday at 11:00am



Room: E1
Leaders: Brian and Laura Babb

This ABF is comprised of couples and singles of all ages. Their format is discussion-based lessons with an emphasis on biblical teaching and application, and they enjoy deep fellowship with Christ-centered community.


Room: E2
Leaders: Amanda Brackney and Laura Vinyard

This ABF is for women of all ages and every phase of life. Women will experience intentional, gospel-centered community and will grow with the Lord through active Bible study, serving together, and doing life inside and outside of the church.


Room: E3
Leaders: Jason and Liz Custer,  John and Keeley Bergman,  Justin and Natalee Hitchcock

This ABF is composed of young married couples with either no kids or preschool aged children. They are discussion based with an emphasis on biblical teaching and application, prayer, and Christ-centered community.

Nearly and Newly Married

Room: E5
Leaders: Mark and  Jennifer Klakulak, Derry and Debby Myers

This is a discussion oriented ABF that focuses on how to have a Godly marriage. Nearly/Newly provides support and accountability to couples in the formative years of their new life together.


Room: E6
Leaders: Ryan and Lauren Mitsushashi

This ABF is composed of young families committed to growing in Christ, equipping one another for the Gospel, and walking through the messiness of life. They desire deep, Christ-centered fellowship as they live alongside of each other.


Room: E7
Leaders: Lloyd and Karla McAlister, Bruce and Pattie DeFriese

This is a discussion-oriented ABF that provides support, accountability, and biblical guidance to college students during the formative years of their life. This ABF seeks the Lord together, prays for each other, and desires deep community.


Room: W2
Leaders: Wyatt and Mallori Swinford, Brett and Tiffany Tatum

This ABF is intended for young married couples who desire consistent fellowship to encourage and stir each other up to love and good works. Discussion is focused on a balanced Christian walk of the Word, prayer, witnessing, and fellowship.