Serving Globally

Giving:  Faith Bible chooses to empower our congregation to give to our missionaries directly, through designated giving, instead of the church leadership choosing where to send funds.

You can give to a missionary by writing the amount you want to give in the memo of your check when you place it into our offering slots located throughout the church building or you if you give online, you will designate your gift towards the mission partner(s) of your choice through the drop down menu.

Link to more information about our ministry to the Tarahumara People:

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STEP Seminary - Haiti

STEP is a seminary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti which aims to prepare Haitian leaders to make disciples of Christ to transform their communities for the glory of God.


How to Serve:

How to Pray:

  • Pray that Christ would eradicate the false religion of voodoo on the island of Haiti.
  • Pray that the corrupt government would operate honestly and for the benefit of the people.
  • Pray that Hatians would come to know Christ as their Savior.

A video from President of STEP Seminary in Haiti Wandstrant (Wawa) Jean-Baptiste:

October 2021

More Info, schedule a visit, or to Connect with STEP liaison and FBC member, Dave Gallman: David Gallman (405-209-7643) or visit STEP's website

Faith Partners, Inc - Kenya

Faith Partners, Inc., is a Christian ministry that seeks to partner with local churches around the world in carrying out the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) through evangelism and discipleship, pastoral training, and practical service to the most vulnerable of society.

Faith Partners, Inc., was launched in 2015, two years after FBC member Scott Brinson began ministering in western Kenya. The name was chosen to reflect the partnership between believers here in the U.S. and our fellow-brethren in Kenya who share a common faith and a common vision of evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, training local church leaders, and ministering to those most vulnerable and in need -- orphans, widows, and single mothers. To this end, Faith Partners sponsors Shepherds Bible Institute, a two-and-a-half year study program to equip Kenyan pastors and church leaders; ministers to 27 orphans who are without one or both parents; and seeks to assist widows and single mothers in starting their own businesses so that they can provide for themselves and their children. In addition, we conduct open-air evangelistic meetings and Bible classes in public schools.

How to Serve:

  • PRAY for the ministry. If you would like to receive the monthly prayerletter, you can do so via email or regular mail. Contact Scott Brinson if you would like to be added to the mailing list (405-201-6445, or
  • GIVE to the ministry. The primary areas of need include:
    • Funding for Shepherds Bible Institute when classes are in session (room, board, and study materials for the students, staff support, travel expenses);
    • Funding for our Benevolence ministry to provide food, clothing, and health services for those most in need.
    • Funding for the Orphans ministry (to provide for basic needs -- food, clothing, medical and educational needs. You can sponsor an orphan for $25-30 a month;
    • Funding for the Orphanage that will house up to 48 children (construction is about 75% complete);
    • Funding for a Microfinance program to provide small loans to widows and single mothers to assist them in starting their own businesses.
    • Funding for Scott Brinson's personal support.
  • GO with the ministry. As the ministry grows, there will be future opportunities to go with Scott to Kenya and be directly involved in teaching (adults, children, and Bible Institute students) and serving. Stay tuned!

How to Pray:

  • Pray for the growth (spiritually and numerically) of the Kenyan church, and for Pastors Elijah and Albert as they shepherd their local churches and oversee the Faith Partners mission in western Kenya -- that they will faithfully fulfill their calling to feed and lead with wisdom, discernment, love, and perseverance.
  • Pray for God to provide the funding needed to maintain and grow the ministry; specifically, funds to complete the orphanage ($15,000), construct a security wall ($8,000), purchase a ministry van ($20,000) and start a microfinance (small loan) program ($26,000).

Contact and Other Information

Phone: Scott Brinson (405) 201-6445

Krista, Nick, and Anna - South Asia

Three FBC members are involved in evangelism, discipleship and church planting in South Asia.


How to Serve:

  • Give here to accounts #170 (Krista) or #172 (Nick and Anna and kids)

How to Pray:

  • Email Tonya to receive their newsletter updates

More info or connecting with Krista or N&A:

Email Tonya to receive their newsletter updates or to contact them.

Kenny and Crystal - South Asia

Kenny and Crystal's vision is to see the church established among specific religious minority unreached people groups in South Asia. They do this by reading Scripture with followers of this religious minority group, sharing about Jesus, and partnering with local, near-culture believers who also have a heart to see this community reached.


How to Serve:

  • Give here to account #182 (Kenny and Crystal).
  • Join a short term team to prayer walk through their city and catch a vision for what they pray the Lord will do

How to Pray:

  • Pray for the Lord to raise up more teammates and/or national partners to minister with them.
  • Pray that as they invite people to read and study Scripture that there would be a genuine interest.

More Info or Connect with K&C:

Email Tonya to receive their newsletter updates or get in contact with K&C.

International Ministry in Edmond

Connect with an International Student from UCO through their CRISP program. Info and application is here. Also, follow their Facebook page here. This is not a homestay program where the student lives with you, but an opportunity to connect with a student at least once per month. They ask that you sign up before the kickoff event on Sept 17.

Steve and Grace - Central Eurasia

Steve and Grace are providing counseling and support to cross cultural Christian workers struggling with personal, marriage, or parenting problems in an overseas setting in Central Eurasia. They serve workers who are often in very challenging circumstances who need a place that provides restoration and preparation to return to their work.


How to Serve:

  • Give here to account #133 (Steve and Grace S).

More Info or Connect with Steve and Grace:

Email Tonya

Samuel and Jesse Skidmore - Germany

Sam and Jesse teach at Black Forest Academy (BFA) in Germany. BFA is an international Christian boarding school for the children of missionaries worldwide. Jesse teaches high school art and Samuel teaches middle school Bible.


How to Serve:

  • Give here to account #097 (Sam and Jesse Skidmore).
  • Volunteer at an an outdoor education youth camping ministry in the Black Forest of Germany for a week (or two!) during July and/or August 2022. They need cooks and small group leaders/camp staff. Email Sam for more info.

How to Pray:

  • Pray for their students as they are living away from their families. Pray that they will have all they need to grow in faith, knowledge, health, and socially despite COVID restrictions and online learning.
  • Pray for Sam and Jesse to have ample opportunities to show and share Jesus with their students.
  • Pray that Sam and Jesse would teach well.

Connect with Sam and Jesse:

Say hi, get more info, or receive their newsletter updates by emailing Sam or Jesse.

Mission Trips and Long Term Missionaries

Email Tonya for more information about short term trips or about training and prerequisites to be sent long term by FBC. Consider joining a training group with Launch Global in OKC and/or taking the Perspectives course.

Gros Morne, Haiti
(Church Plant and Compassion, International)

A graduate from STEP Seminary planted a church in Gros Morne, Haiti. FBC helped with this endeavor through finances and prayer. Compassion, International is partnering with this new church to reach the children in that community.

Watch our Compassion Sunday interview with Edgar Benitez here.

Sponsor a child in Gros Morne, Haiti here.

Serve Hope - Honduras

Faith Bible partners with Serve Hope of Honduras and Faith's Student Ministry takes trips periodically to help the ministry.

Serve Hope seeks to provide spiritual, physical, and emotional needs through initiatives including education, business training, a coffee shop, a soccer academy, etc. They share the gospel so that people might truly experience HOPE in the midst of dire circumstances. FBC has assisted with short term mission trips, VBS fundraising, and student sponsorship.

More Info

Email Missions

Serve our Global Workers

Pray: The bedrock of their ministry is our prayers
Adopt: Help a worker stay connected to FBC via your ABF
Give: To the general Missions account or to a specific worker/org.
Welcome: When our missionary partners are in town, we have several opportunities to serve them.

Email Tonya for more information.