Beginning JULY 12th Phasing Back to Our Normal WORSHIP TIMES

  • 8:15 – Early ABF hour
  • 9:30 – Worship in the Worship Center and overflow in the Chapel
  • 9:30 – ABF’s; Student and Children’s Sunday School; Nursery (infant thru Pre-K)
  • 11:00 – Worship in the Worship Center and overflow in the Chapel
  • 11:00 – ABF’s; Children’s Sunday School and Nursery (infant thru Pre-K)

If you plan to attend your ABF on Sunday please check with the leadership of the class to make sure they are meeting. Several classes are delaying their restart.

First-Time Sunday Morning Guest?

Here’s some basic information which we hope will help you and your family navigate our campus, find all the information you are looking for regarding our church and most importantly enhance your relationship and worship time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


600 North Coltrane
Edmond, OK 73034

600 North Coltrane Edmond OK 73034

Sunday Morning Schedule

Sunday Morning
Nursery through 5th Gr
Faith Student Ministry (FSM)
6th through 12th (MS/HS)
Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF)
(Our Sunday School!)
8:15 AM n/a n/a n/a 8:15 AM ABFs – List
9:30 AM Worship Center Nursery through 5th grade 6th through 12th
(MS/HS 2nd Story-Upstairs)
9:30 AM ABFs – List
11:00 AM Worship Center Nursery through 5th grade 11:00 AM ABFs – List
11:00 AM Fellowship Hall
(Overflow Seating)
Off Campus ABFs – Varies






Questions When You Arrive?

Find the Welcome Center.  Someone at the Welcome Center can help you find a location of an ABF, where to go with your children or get to a seat in the Worship Center.  The Welcome Center is located outside the Worship Center and across from the FAITHKids / Children’s Welcome Desk


Are you coming to church with children and/or youth?

FAITHKids (Children’s Ministry)

  • It would be best if you could come early so we can help get your children checked-in
  • We use a church management software system in which our security is very important to us and we want to make sure you are comfortable with where your children will be going but also how you come pick them up safely and securely

Faith Student Ministry (FSM)

  • We have one hour Sunday morning we meet and that’s at 9:30 AM
  • Our area is very new and built in 2019
  • We’re located on the 2nd Floor above the FAITHKids area


If you have young children, the best place to park would be on the South side of the church campus and enter through the tallest/largest Tower entrance.  You could also park on the East and West sides of the southern portion of the campus and be fairly close to the children’s and youth areas.

The parking on the South side of the campus fills up more quickly and if you don’t mind walking and getting some exercise, you can parking in the large North parking lot enter from the north entrances.



South Tower Entrance:

Campus Map:

Campus Map – 2nd Story: