A twelve week course exploring God's global purpose.


Week 1 - Jan 12
Jay Risner: The Living God is a Missionary God
article: The Living God is a Missionary God
Platt video
Audio summary: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-5-global-christianity/id1589845751?i=1000547924713  OR


Week 2 - Jan 19 
Justin Schell: Missions in the Old Testament
article: http://www.thetravelingteam.org/articles/the-bible-as-a-missions-story

Week 3 - Jan 26 
Jeff Lewis: Missions in the New Testament
Free Download of "God's Heart for the Nations" Bible study

Week 4 - Feb 2
Dr. Mark Hitchcock: Missions in the Early Church

Week 5 - Feb 9
Ali, attends FBC: From Islam to Christianity

Week 6 - Feb 16
Corey Makeever, FBC: History of Missions (Acts 28 to 1700s)

Week 7 - Feb 23
Dr. Todd Ahrend: History of Missions (1792 till today)

Week 8 - March 2
Tonya Zunigha: The Task Remaining, Part 1

Week 9 - March 9
Justin Schell: The Task Remaining, Part 2

March 16, SPRING BREAK (we will not meet)

Week 10 - March 23
John Weaver: How Missions Works

Week 11 - March 30
Andy Kampman, Austin Stone Church: Living the Global Christian Life

Week 12 - April 6
FBC Missions Committee: FBC’s Missions Strategy

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