A twelve week course exploring God's global purpose

SECTION ONE: The Why of Missions (Biblical Basis)

Week 1: January 11
Todd Ahrend: The Living God is a Missionary God
article: The Living God is a Missionary God
Platt video

Week 2: January 18
Jeff Lewis: The Story of His Glory "video not available due to technical difficulties)
Free Download of "God's Heart for the Nations" Bible study
"The Story of His Glory" - article by Steve Hawthorne
Jeff's Keynote 
Piper Article: Let the Nations be Glad - The Supremacy of God in Missions

Week 3: January 25
Justin Schell: Missions in the Old Testament / Mandate for the Nations (video not available due to technical difficulties)
Justin's Book - "Come and See" Chapters 1 and 5
Justin's Slides
Video from last year's course: Missions in the Old Testament
Supplementary article: http://www.thetravelingteam.org/articles/the-bible-as-a-missions-story slides

Week 4: Feb 1
Dr. Mark Hitchcock: Missions in the New Testament
Mark's Slides

SECTION TWO: The History of Missions

Week 5: Feb 8
Jay Risner: History of Missions
Article: The Kingdom Strikes Back
Article: Europe's Moravians
Book: From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya
Audio: Tommy Nelson church history sermons
Video: How Christianity Has Spread

Week 6: Feb 15
Dr. Todd Ahrend: History of Missions, Part 2

SECTION THREE: The Future of God's Global Missions and FBC's Role

Week 7: Feb 22
Matthew Ellison: The Task Remaining
Status of World Evangelization: https://globe.stratus.earth/globe-explorer/
Resources on The Task Remaining

Week 8: March 1
Kirk Goss: How Missions Works
Worldview Theology Chart

Week 9: March 8
Special Guests

March 15, SPRING BREAK (we will not meet)

Week 10: March 22
Chris Nickerson, Lightshine Ministries
FBC's Ministry in Colonia Tarahumara Sur, Chihuahua, Mexico

Joint ABF, March 26
Larry Jones - Seed Company (Bible Translation)

Week 11: March 29
Justin Schell - The Dawnu and You: Living the Global Christian Life

Week 12: April 5
Missions at FBC

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