Faith Bible Church, Coronavirus Response
Tuesday, August 25, 2020 Mask Update

Dear Church Family,

The last 5 or 6 months have been the most challenging and complicated our church has probably ever faced. We know we are not alone in this. The same is true for schools and local businesses as well.

But we’ve been so impressed by the people of Faith Bible. You’ve continued to find ways to encourage one another, reach people with the gospel, and your faithful financial support has been astounding. Additionally, as we’ve returned to in-person worship and ministry programming many of you have been sacrificially serving just like you were back in February.

But there’s one looming issue that could very well divide us if we let it—MASKS.

To this point, we’ve left the mask decision up to individuals, with everyone doing what they feel they should do. Yet we are very aware that the issue of face coverings is complicated and divisive. It has become highly politicized and like anything that gets political—it’s very polarizing.

We cannot, however, let this spirit of division enter our church. Striving for unity will require diligence and humility as we move into the days ahead, but we know the Spirit can empower us in these things. He always has.

We bring all of this to your attention because the city of Edmond has an ordinance going into effect tomorrow (8/26), requiring masks in places open to the public, and in the city’s ordinance there is NO explicit exception for churches.

Now, there are some notable exceptions in the ordinance. For example:

  • Those under 11 years of age are not required to wear a face covering.
  • You don’t have to wear a face covering when it’s not feasible or possible—like at your dentist, or for us, when using a microphone. (Therefore, Mark won’t preach in one, nor will our worship team sing in them.)
  • Also, there’s an exception that says you don’t have to wear a mask when dining at a restaurant, so for us, when taking the Lord’s Supper.

Additionally, here’s what we believe to be true about this ordinance:

  • The city is not telling us how to worship, or that we can’t worship, or that we can’t come to our building to worship.
  • It’s also not telling us to violate Scripture.
  • The city council and mayor are a group of elected officials that we have no good reason to defy at this moment in time.

Therefore, when you enter our building you’ll begin seeing signs drawing your attention to the city’s mask ordinance. We’ll also have masks available should you need one while you are here.

This mandate begins Wednesday, August 26th and expires Monday, October 12th—that’s 7 weeks. If it extends beyond that we’ll have to address the matter when the time comes.

Please watch the video Mark has posted below. It is an important appeal to our church body as we prepare to gather midweek and this coming Sunday.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel,

-The Faith Bible Staff and Elders