Faith Bible Church, Coronavirus Response
Monday, April 6, 2020 Sunday Follow UP

Dear Church Family,

When the mandates for social distancing and isolation began who could have guessed that our gatherings for Good Friday and Easter would not happen? But here we are, making plans for Easter that keep us at home rather than worshiping together.

Very often our Easter preparations are consumed with planning time with extended family, putting baskets together for the kids, or picking out special outfits to wear to church. These are not bad things, but this year they are largely non-options. So with these activities off your mind perhaps you can do some extra spiritual preparation. Let me encourage you to read through Mark 11-16, or Luke 19-24 this week. Step away from the news feed and spend some time in extended prayer and praise. The right spiritual preparation could make this Good Friday and Easter the most significant of your life.

As always, if you weren’t able to join the live-stream yesterday you can find the archived services

If you’d like to give to Faith Bible Church or our missions partners you can click here.

You can also mail checks to our physical address (600 N. Coltrane, Edmond, OK 73034) or stop by the church office to give in person. The office remains open Monday thru Friday, from 9AM to 2PM.

And once again if sheltering in place puts you in need of assistance you can reach out to us at (405) 657-6166. Through this hotline we can arrange grocery or prescription pickup, drop a package off for mailing, or even take an animal to the vet.

Have a blessed Monday. Be on the lookout for some communication this Wednesday, and keep hoping in our God, King and Lamb—the Lord Jesus.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel,

– The Elders and Staff of Faith Bible Church