25 YEARS at Faith Bible Church

Do you remember 1991? A gallon of gas was $1.12. A pound of bacon was $1.95. The Dow rose above 3,000 points for the first time. The Minnesota Twins won the World Series. The Chicago Bulls won their first of 6 NBA championships.

You know what else happened? Mark Hitchcock became the Pastor of Faith Bible Church.

Throughout the month of October we will be honoring Mark and Cheryl for their faithful service to Faith Bible. Below you’ll find videos that we’ve put together to commemorate Mark’s time as our pastor.  You’ll also find details about a project that we’d love your help with.

For a pastor to spend 25 years at one church is not common. And for it to be a pastor’s only church is practically unheard of. Please take time to thank the Lord for giving us a pastor so dedicated to God’s Word and Christ’s Church.

Book of Letters for Pastor Mark

We are collecting letters of appreciation for Mark’s 25 years of faithful service to Faith Bible Church. We will be collecting these until the end of October. After the letters are collected we will have them bound into a commemorative book.

For your letters:

  • Please use the white cardstock supplied at the different information desks throughout the church.
  • Please use a black roller ball pen or a black fine point sharpie (these will be provided near the cardstock).
  • Please attempt to maintain a one inch margin all the way around the page.
  • Turn them in to the office or the marked envelope near the cardstock (please do not bend or fold your letter).

If submitting by email:

  • Email your letter to 25years@faithbibleok.com
  • Do not concern yourself with fonts, margins, or attachments. We will format the letter after we receive it.

Thank you for participating in this effort to congratulate and appreciate our pastor!