By Connie Goodson, Children’s Director

Connie Goodson, Children’s Director

Every year I am asked if VBS is really worth all of the work, resources and investment that is required to pull it off. And every year I think for a moment and then resoundingly say YES!

Vacation Bible School is a recognized ministry in communities. People understand that their children are coming to learn about Bible stories. Parents believe it’s a safe environment and for the most part, their children will enjoy being with kids their own age for a week.

Most churches do some kind of VBS every summer whether it’s called VBS, Kids Zone, XTreme Week, Sports Camp or Backyard Bible Clubs. They are usually theme-driven and almost completely led by volunteers. They’re usually about a 4-5 days long and can happen during the day or in the evening. I don’t know if everyone’s goals are the same but for the most part, it’s for kids and for teaching them about God.

So what is Faith Bible Church’s VBS like? What drives us to invest money, people and other resources into VBS each year? That’s a good question.

Years ago I took piano lessons for years. I learned to read music, I could play songs if I memorized them and I could occasionally sight-read a song if my teacher made me. I loved music and playing but the practicing about killed me. Then I went to a Piano Camp for a week where we learned music theory, chord playing and helping each other. I made great memories, I learned more in that one week that has stayed with me than I ever thought I would.

Why did I tell that random story? Because I’ve never forgotten the impact of one week with friends, learning together and making memories had on me. The same is with VBS.

The “day-after-day” learning, the repetition of activities, the concentration of Bible stories, hearing the Gospel message each and every day has much more eternal impact than Piano Camp, Math Camp, Band Camp, Basketball, Baseball or Football Camps will have. That’s why I want kids to come to VBS!

What can kids expect when they come to this year’s VBS at Faith Bible Church?

  1. They will have a Huddle Time each day where they will learn even more about Joshua, Gideon, David, Esther and Jesus and the victories that God had through each one of them;
  2. They will make new friends and strengthen relationships with friends they already have;
  3. They will be led by awesome volunteers who will teach them, play games with them, do cool crafts with them and have some snacks they will cheer about. And did I mention water slides on Friday and really fun shirts you’ll wear all summer?
  4. If you’re a 4th or a 5th grader you will get to be a part of some very special projects that is just for their age group;
  5. You’ll see 5th graders leading and serving as well as learning and going;
  6. There will be lots of really cool middle school and high school students serving these children and helping them learn more about Jesus;
  7. There will be VICTORY decorations everywhere and by the end of the week they’ll have collected lots of pins and Victory “baseball” cards;
  8. The large group time with music, Bible story time, fun lights and cheers will be something they will never forget;
  9. Kids will learn about giving of their resources as we support the Kenya Missions this year through our offerings;
  10. And last, and most important, they will see the name of JESUS CHRIST praised and worshiped each and every day. They will learn so much about worshiping God through music, offering and Bible teaching than at any other time because we build on that every day!

You know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to all those different types of camps…but make coming to FaithKids’ VBS a priority!

It’s June 12-16 right here at Faith Bible! And if you, as an adult would like to make new friends and have a part in sharing Jesus with children, why don’t you come join us and be a part of the AWESOME TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS that serve. Because we need you!

It’s a joy to be the Children’s Director at Faith Bible Church!

Connie Goodson

p.s. by the way, don’t ask me to play the piano. I really stink at it because remember…I didn’t like to practice. So glad JESUS stuck with me for my whole life because piano playing didn’t!

Here’s where you can sign up for VBS as a volunteer:

Here’s where you can enroll if you’re Prek-5th grade: