When a Young Family Visits

Jay Risner, Lead Pastor

Jay Risner, Lead Pastor

By Jay Risner, Lead Pastor

On Memorial Day weekend of this year I returned to the staff of Faith Bible Church. I had yet to spend a single day in the church office, but I had returned the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend to preach and begin serving as Faith Bible’s Lead Pastor.

On that Sunday morning Mandi and I drove into the parking lot and walked up to the door with a lot on our mind: lots of questions to be asked and answered, lots of first impressions to make, lots of old friends to find and reconnect with, plenty of things to observe and evaluate.

Yet our primary concern that morning was not about my sermon, or remembering names, or smiling until our faces hurt. Our primary concern was that of any young family visiting a church: How do we get our kids where they need to be? Who will be their teachers? Will the children’s environment be safe and secure? What will they be taught?

Though we had a lot of experience at Faith Bible and already knew our way around the building, getting our kids where they needed to be for the morning was priority number one.

I mention our experience because as our church moves into the fall ministry season we are likely to see an influx of young families, each of whom is visiting our church with very similar questions. And though they encounter many smiling faces when they enter our church lobby the overall experience can be like going through customs in a foreign country. Where do we go? Who do we talk to? Are there forms to fill out? Does anyone here speak my language???

We want to be a church that speaks the language of the young family. It is important.

All of this makes me so grateful for our current children’s ministry workers. If you haven’t thanked God for the ministry they accomplish please start. I’m also asking that you continue to pray for our early childhood and children’s ministry. They have a big job. From policies and procedures, to curriculum, to volunteer staffing…there is always a lot of important work to be done in this area. Maybe you can pray about some ways that you can be involved with our kids. GOOD volunteer leadership is absolutely essential.

After almost 3 months Mandi and I don’t drive into the parking lot with the same anxieties that we did back in May, but we know there are others who do. Let’s anticipate their needs and questions. Let’s assure them of how honored we feel that they have entrusted their kids to our teaching and care. Let’s ease the minds of parents so they can be impacted by our commitment to the gospel.