There’s Good News Today


Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Senior Pastor

By Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Senior Pastor

In the dark days of World War II when Nazi Germany was marching across Europe and Imperial Japan was hopscotching across the Pacific, a news commentator named Gabriel Heatter always found something to be optimistic about. All news was good news for Heatter, famous for his uplifting and positive broadcasts during World War II.  His sign-on catchphrase, “There’s good news tonight” earned him a reputation for optimism that was rare in his field and appreciated by audiences. His dignified optimism served as a bright light in a dark time for America.

Faced with a daily Niagara of negativity, we need more believers today like Gabriel Heatter. Of course, we don’t naively ignore or dismiss the proliferating problems in our world, but we can choose to focus on the good news found in our great God. In the midst of turmoil around the world, increasing turbulence at home and the daily troubles we all face, “there’s good news today.”

There’s good news today in the midst of our trials. We’ve seen this in our recent study of Habakkuk who made the journey from Why to Worship.

There’s good news today for our upcoming national and local elections. God is on the throne and controls the ballot box (Daniel 2:21).

There’s good news today for our world. God controls nations and leaders. He direct the hearts of kings like streams of water (Proverbs 21:1; Daniel 4:32).

There’s good news in our daily struggle with sin. God is faithful and will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able (1 Corinthians 10:13).

There’s good news in our marriages and families. The indwelling Holy Spirit is available to fill us and empower us to love and submit to one another (Ephesians 5:18—6:33).

There’s good news for our future. Jesus is coming again to deliver us from the coming wrath and to establish His kingdom on earth (1 Thessalonians 1:9-10; Revelation 20:1-6).

We have a sovereign God who is seated on the throne in heaven. He sovereignly controls all things. This is His world. As Maltbie Babcock reminds us,

This is my Father’s world.
O let me ne’er forget
that though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet.

The ultimate good news today is that we have a Savior who died in our place, forgives all our sins through faith in Him and gives us the hope of heaven. Praise God! Be encouraged. “There’s good news today.”