The Real Ultimate Super Hero

By Connie Goodson, Children’s Director

Connie Goodson, Children’s Director

Heroes are cool! I went to see the movie Wonder Woman last night. It was a last-minute decision for my husband and I to go see it; I had heard a lot about it and that it was a good movie. So, we went.

And it was a good movie. (I’m not endorsing the movie for kids at all…please do your homework before you take your family to any movie!)

I have always found it interesting that most super heroes have a flawed past and broken dreams. But not Wonder Woman. She was inspirational and the movie gave to us a genuine hero through her actions. Her life was placed in a mythical backdrop and a semi-protected environment but her heart was tender and appealing as a hero who wants to “help the helpless.” And she did just that. It was quite impressive.

It seems like everything I do always gets me to thinking about Children’s Ministry and how to use this experience to teach children how to direct our thoughts and minds to God, and seeing this movie is no different. So all night I’ve been thinking:

What role do heroes play in our understanding and worship of God?

I was reading in a Christian children’s book today: “But when you stop to think about why you like heroes, the answer is clear: God made you that way. He created you to appreciate and imitate someone greater than yourself. We’re all wired for worship. There’s just something that draws us to admire people who have power, looks, money, influence and inspiration.” (The Radical Book for Kids by Champ Thornton)

We all love heroes and admire them. We do love to put them up on a pedestal and think how great it would be to be a hero like them! We even like to be our children’s hero…our spouse’s hero and our co-worker’s hero. But we discover that we easily fall of the pedestal especially when we begin to believe our own press writings.

In God’s Word there are plenty of people that could have been called a HERO from Moses to the little Shepherd boy, David; to Gideon, to King Solomon, and to Paul the Apostle. They obviously faced problems and used heroic methods to accomplish the purposes God had for them. But even a couple of them started believing their own press.

Why is it so easy to worship or idolize our heroes? Or even worship and idolize ourselves and our accomplishments?

It’s easy to worship heroes because they appear to accomplish much. It’s easy to admire the little boy who so willingly gave up his 5 loaves and 2 fishes for everyone’s lunch, but is it a lesson in sharing or is it an example of what the Lord can do with the little we give Him? Was it David who killed Goliath to show his strength or was it God showing His faithfulness to protect the nation of Israel?

God is sharing in the Bible about those amazing characters and events so that we might see Him as the HERO and worship Him. We might be able to “save the day” with a heroic deed, but it’s God who’s able to save us from an eternity of days without Him. Now that’s the ultimate heroic deed!

It would be a great opportunity to teach our children when every time they saw a hero in action that they stopped and considered how God is involved and how He provided that hero? Or what about when we help someone and they consider us a hero, that we point the honor and thanks to God? It takes a moment to remind and redirect our children (and us adults too) to realize that God is deserving of all praise and worship.

So when you read Bible stories to your children, or stories about missionaries, pastors and ordinary people talk about what makes them a hero. And then take some time to point them to the truth that all of those Bible characters, missionaries, sports figures, parents, and teachers are on earth to bring glory and honor to God.

Having heroes is important in a child’s life and letting them know that earthly heroes are special gifts to us is always good. But to keep heroes from becoming idols is to always direct kids to recognize who the real Hero is.

Because at the end of the day, the end of our life, if there’s any “wonder” in any of us, it’s because we believed and we trusted in the only Hero who really matters: Jesus.

Philippians 2:9-11

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
 and gave him the name that is above every name,
 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
 in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
 to the glory of God the Father.

Want to be a hero in a child’s life and point them to the real Hero, Jesus? Find out how you can serve in the Children’s Ministry using your gifts and abilities that God’s given you by clicking here and sending your name to the FaithKids Ministry!