On Being a Welcoming People


Seth Brown, Adult Connection Pastor

By Seth Brown, Adult Connection Pastor

For people in vocational ministry, Sundays are a work day. Some of us lead worship, some of us make sure kids are consistently being taught the gospel, some of us preach, and some of us are fortunate to personally greet the visitors and guests who come through the doors of our building. That is what I do on Sunday mornings in our Welcome Center.

If you have been at Faith Bible Church more than a few times over the last several months, you should know the “Welcome Center” spiel by now: “Welcome to Faith Bible Church. We are so glad you are worshipping with us on this beautiful Sunday morning. If you are visitor or a guest of someone, we are especially glad that you are here.  And we would like to meet you. The way that we do that here at Faith Bible Church is this: At the conclusion of our service, if you’ll go out these back doors and take a right and go to our Welcome Center, there will be some folks there to meet you and greet you and give you a gift of appreciation for visiting Faith Bible Church. Again, thank you for being here today.”

Week in and week out I am fortunate to be able to say these words to the gathered body and those visiting us. And week in and week out, people actually take us up on the offer to visit the Welcome Center and get their free Faith Bible Church coffee mug. Trust me, a lot of people have been visiting Faith Bible over the course of this summer. One of the ways we follow up with these people is through a phone call a couple of weeks after they visit. Time and time again I talk to these people, and they comment on how friendly, how warm, and how welcoming Faith Bible Church was when they visited.

As a matter of fact, a couple of months ago I talked to a man on the phone who actually said this was the most welcoming church he had ever visited. He couldn’t believe it. But I could. One of the reasons my family loves this body so much is the people. Since coming on staff last October, you have overwhelmed us with support, love, and hospitality, and I am so glad these qualities are consistently extended to those who visit Faith Bible Church. Because at the end of the day, that is what “the church” actually is: A group of people who gather and serve and worship and invite other people to pursue and glorify God with them. And this group of people is pretty special, and I praise God for them YOU.

My prayer is that Faith Bible Church would continue to be a people of consistent hospitality and gospel-centered love as we continue to welcome people to believe the gospel, grow in Christ, connect with one another, and serve the world and the church alongside of us.