Old Acquaintances

By Ricardo Colon, Administration Director

Ricardo Colon, Administration Director

Next month will mark my two-year anniversary as Administration Director at Faith Bible Church.  I enjoy my job and have gotten to know so many members.  I also just completed my 18th year as a youth volunteer.  My co-leader for the past 6 years has been Forrest Lacy.  Thru the year, we’ve watched some small kids turn into young men.  They are graduating this year from high school and beginning the next stage of their life journey.  It has been a great privilege to be a small part of their lives.  Thank you guys.

May 7th I attended the wedding for Allyson Harper.  We saw youth from the past that are now young adults.  They are getting married, starting careers, having children, etc.  They are doing LIFE.

Hebrews 10:25 tells us that we should not forsake our own assembling together.  In other words, we should come to church and engage with others.  For me that means getting involved.  As a member of a group, we should be asking ourselves what can I contribute to the assembly.  But a funny thing happens on the way to church, God gives you the privilege of making an impact on someone’s life.  Along the way a kid comes up to you and says thanks.  An officer tells you a story of how much he enjoys coming to our church.  He sees a different part of society and is encouraged.

It all comes down to three great virtues of the Christian life:  faith, love and hope.  Whether it is a kid we meet at church or an officer making sure we are safe, they see the Holy Spirit in each of us.

Christ in us.