Missions is not a periphery ministry at Faith Bible; it is an integral part of our existence as a church. We do not want to horde the treasure of the gospel for ourselves. We desire to see its power unleashed in our community and around the world. Our hope is that each person in our church will respond to the Great Commission by either going, sending or praying for God’s purpose to save people through Jesus Christ from every tribe, tongue and nation. We invite you to explore with us how you will spread the fame of God in your neighborhood and to the nations.

Missions Updates:

Kenya Church Planting – East African Presbytery – Western Kenya

Starting in 2016 the Missions Committee at Faith Bible has made it a priority to join forces with the East Africa Presbytery to help in their effort to plant churches with biblically trained pastors in West Kenya. Our teams consist of local FBC members who have felt the call to join us on an 12 day trip to evangelize to the native Kenyans near a newly built church. This short-term mission trip revolves around face to face evangelism, as our team seeks to help fill the pews with individuals so that they might hear the Gospel and grow in discipleship. Each evening the mission team hosts a crusade for anyone in the local region to attend and hear the Gospel. The trip is capped with a church dedication for both the newly erected building and the newly instated pastor.

For more information or to submit an application for the trip please contact Pastor Justin Kinsley at justin.kinsley@faithbibleok.com.

Contact: For more information on international missions efforts please email us at missions@faithbibleok.com or call our church office at 405-340-1000