By Chris McLaughlin, Creative Director

Chris McLaughlin, Creative Director

In our current political climate and the 24 hour news cycle constantly blasting out the warnings of government shutdowns, accusations of corruption, and following every movement of our leaders lives it can be difficult to not place our government in places of undeserved importance. To respect our leadership is one thing but when we start to focus on and depend on them to meet our needs in ways they were never meant to it becomes a major problem. We must always remember that throughout history the struggle of kings and kingdoms to remain relevant in the lives of those they rule has always ended in one way. Eventually all great (and not so great) leaders, philosophers, and politicians fade into utter obscurity. Relegating their tales to dusty unread history books. The ideas that they thought would change the world fail and in the midst of all this fading away throughout the ages these events act as a constant reminder that nothing remains but God.

The great preacher Charles Spurgeon stated in one of his early sermons entitled “Sovereignty and Salvation” that the fact that these ancient governments and pagan deities all eventually loose relevance is a testament to the fact that “he is God, and that beside him there is none else”. It’s as if the stones that once made up the walls of these highly regarded governments, like Rome and Babylon, now cry out in their ruins “It is God alone!” God alone can stand the test of time and our hope should remain in God alone. I pray for the absolute best for our country and those around the world but my hope remains in God and if these systems of government were to soon fade away like those of ancient times nothing would change for me. God would still be on His throne and if God is my ruler none else matter.

So if the government has to “shut down” like we are always hearing or if all our leaders are found corrupt tomorrow what difference will it make to God’s kingdom? As Christians we are in the world but not of it and God will continue to raise and destroy governments for His glory and to point the world to the true hope, the hope we have in Christ Jesus.