Faith Bible Church, Coronavirus Response
Friday, September 11, 2020 Update

Dear Church Family,

When the initial concern over COVID-19 hit the U.S. we suspended all Faith Bible Church gatherings for two and a half months. During that time the church was communicating with you at least twice a week. After re-opening on Memorial Day we would send out one church-wide email a week, and currently we are sending a church-wide letter every two weeks. With the church schedule getting back to “normal” we are seeing each other more, our different ministries are doing more targeted communication, and there is less reason to overload your inbox and social media feed.

Even though the church schedule is now “normal” we all know we haven’t returned to normalcy. Many of our senior adult or immuno-compromised members haven’t been to church in 6 months, and while this group’s absence is understandable it grieves us. Our ABF’s are running about 40% capacity. Our worship attendance is about 60% what it was in February. None of these current realities are in the category of “normal”.

However, we think this week at Faith Bible could be a turning point. Typically, the week after Labor Day brings a larger than normal crowd to church. We don’t think it will be a pre-COVID type of crowd on Sunday, but it could be more people than we’ve seen since reopening. Therefore, we have a couple of requests:

  • If you currently worship at 11:00, but do not currently have an ABF, would you consider attending the 9:30 worship hour? This would create some needed space in the 11:00 service.
  • If you show up late to either service would you consider worshipping in the overflow area, which is the Chapel at the North end of the building? This might be easier than finding a comfortable seat in the Worship Center.

We also continue to request that you please don’t come to our gathering(s) if you or someone in your immediate family currently has COVID-19, or if you are exhibiting the common symptoms of COVID-19.

Additionally, if you do test positive for COVID and believe you were carrying the virus while at church, please notify those people in the church that you came in close contact with, and if you were serving while carrying the virus please notify the particular department/ministry leader as well.

We so appreciate the grace and generosity we are seeing amongst our people. There are currently a multitude of divisive issues in our culture, but your focus on the Lord Jesus and the power of the gospel is overshadowing all of the division. In light of that, here are a few needs we are praying for as a church:

  • Ladies Bible Study: This thriving ministry is breaking new ground this Fall. For the first time they’ve authored their own curriculum on the Book of Genesis and have equipped a new group of leaders to serve a large group of women who have registered for this semester’s study. Pray for them as they start on Tuesday the 15th.
  • Joel and Lorie Mott: it is so great to have Joel here leading our worship ministry! Pray for the Mott’s ongoing transition between Houston and Edmond. And if you want to drop a Joel a word of welcome his email is
  • StuMo at UCO (Makeevers, Deven Huddleston, and Leah Salas): Students have been back on campus for a month and five freshmen have already put their faith in Christ! Praise God! Please pray for wisdom and perseverance for StuMo staff and student leaders from FBC.

This Sunday Mark will be finishing Daniel, chapter 2 with a sermon titled “A Dream Come True” (PDF/Printable | YouVersion Bible Events). Our in-person and online worship times are 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM. We hope you join us.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel,

-The Faith Bible Staff and Elders