Faith Bible Church, Coronavirus Response
Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Midweek Update

Dear Church Family,

In the chronology of Christ’s final week we read about Sunday’s triumphal entry, Monday’s temple cleansing, and Tuesday’s temple controversies. Today is what the church has historically referred to as Spy Wednesday. It’s on this day where the conspiracy against Jesus races forward, not just from enemies outside, but now with a traitor from within. It is this day when the key pieces come together in the plot for the greatest sin in all of history—the murder of the Son of God.

If we think the isolation of quarantine is dismal, Jesus is on the verge of the darkest 36 hours of his existence. A follower betrays him. Friends desert him. A disciple denies him. He’s arrested, beaten, subjected to a sham trial, mocked, and crucified. That’s what lies after Wednesday for Jesus. Nobody watching these events would have thought anything good would or could come of it.

But God…

Here are few announcements as we approach the weekend:

The Children’s Ministry handed out Easter packets. If you were not able to come by the church please email Connie Goodson and she’ll tell you how you can pick one up.

Our Good Friday service will be livestreamed at 7:00 PM. The Lord’s Supper will be a part of that service. Be sure to have elements prepared if you or your family is participating. We’ve had people requests cups from the church. Be assured that any cup is appropriate, not just the tiny plastic kind.

EASTER! The livestream of our Easter Celebration begins at 9:30 AM.  You can find the livestream or the archived service on our:

Remember, if you post pictures of your participation with online services, ABF Zoom calls, Student small groups, or children’s lessons be sure to use #faithbibleathome as your hashtag. It is a blessing to see each other’s faces right now, and we want to see how you are staying connected to our church family.

Finally, here is Pastor Mark’s midweek devotional


Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel,

– The Elders and Staff of Faith Bible Church