Church in the Rockies


Justin Kinsley, Student Ministry Pastor

By Justin Kinsley, Student Ministry Pastor

What better place could there be to explore God’s word than in the middle of the Rocky Mountains? Three weeks ago, the High School students from Faith Bible Church spent a week in Estes Park doing just that. Here we had the chance to hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, bike down some intense off-road trails, kayak, rock climb and more. While here, we also had the opportunity to dive into God’s word. The theme this year was the Four Marks of the Church: one, holy, universal, and apostolic.


We now live in a world that praises the individual over and against the community, but as the body of Christ we understand that we were created as individuals to be a part of a larger body of people. This body was created to be not just a group of people, but a unified group of individuals with our commonality found in the cross of Christ.


As believers we have been forgiven of our sins and will one day be refashioned into the people who God has called us to be, sin free. So as the body of Christ we hold that we are in the process of being made more and more like Christ, and one day we will “be holy just as He is holy.”


The body of Christ is not limited by time or space. So whether you are a believer living in the jungles of South America or in the tundra of Russia, we are all a part of the same Church, the same body of Christ. In the same vein, no matter what time you live in, we are intimately connected with the other Christians who have gone before us. Christ’s church encompasses both time and space.


Christ’s Church is apostolic in the understanding that we find our testimony about Christ and His saving message through the words of His apostles. The Father uniquely chose these men to write this testimony for the instruction of mankind. So since this word flowed from the inspiration given by God, we as the Church should rely only on its testimony and none other.

The Church is more than a building, its the body of Christ called to follow after Him and be the light in the world. As the Student Ministry here at Faith that’s just what we strive to do in our everyday lives. Love God and love others.