By Donovan Drake, Media Director

Donovan Drake, Media Director

Buttons. As a newlywed the word has taken on a whole new meaning. Samantha and I, as many couples before us, are beginning this journey towards a Christ-centered relationship and ultimately a Christ–centered family. I don’t know that it’s really a destination as much as race measured in baby steps. Mark Hitchcock said during our premarital counseling: “It’s really not rocket science. People always want some big secret strategy to a happy marriage and there’s not one. It’s just a matter of every day doing the things God tells us to do. Read your bible and do what it says. Don’t be selfish. Talk openly with one another.” It’s about knowing the right buttons to press, trying not to press the wrong buttons [too much], and most importantly to press buttons and to not be passive about it. Both as a Christian and church tech it’s hard for me not to draw the parallels between marriage, the Church, and even AVL (Audio/Video/Lights) ministry.

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked if I knew what every button on the sound board did, I’d… Well, nickels don’t go as far as they used to but I’d definitely have a lot of nickels. By the way, the answer is yes. Paul writes in Hebrews 12:1-3 that we are to live our lives with excellence, with Jesus as our example, in order to be His witness to those around us. In marriage and ministry, we are called to press the right buttons and in order to do that, we have to know what they are and what they do. Now obviously, there are many ways to gain that knowledge but the important part is that we are actively seeking it. Do we know our spouse as well as we know our [insert your passion here]? How about our Bible or kids or church family? Shouldn’t we?

One of the biggest hurdles for people new to AVL to overcome is their fear of messing something up. For the vast majority of church techs, “messing up” means missing a mic cue or a lyrics slide being a little late. Likewise, both in marriage and ministry, there will be times that we, as born-again but imperfect Christians, press the wrong button and that’s alright. It’s not likely something worth losing a relationship over. There is always enough grace and forgiveness. The important part is to realize the error and learn from it next time. We should never be too afraid of pressing the wrong button that we never give ourselves the chance to press the right one.

As a couple, Samantha and I will be known by what we do, whether that’s raising our future kids, the ministries we are involved in, or the friends we make along the way. According to the Book of Acts, the early church was also known what they did. They ate together, learned together, worshiped together, shared resources together “and the Lord added to their number daily.” It’s easy for us to take the more passive approach but the early believers understood that “Church” was something that we do not just attend. When was the last time you volunteered in the Kids Ministry, AVL, Music Ministries or as an AFB Teacher? There is always a need for volunteers. Learn the right buttons to press, don’t press the wrong buttons [too much], but most importantly don’t be passive about Christian life. Press buttons!